Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Iran, 2017, 70’

Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Iran, 2017, 70’

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Dom omladine Beograda / 13.05.2017. u 18:00
Q&A Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Ensieh Maleki
Belgrade Youth Centre / 13.05.2017 / 18:00
Q&A Sarvnaz Alambeigi, Ensieh Maleki

A 23 years old DJ lives in Tehran. His biggest wish is to one day play alongside the famous DJ David Guetta. There are many restrictions on music in Iran. Being arrested means a huge fine and possibly the loss of all your equipment. Regardless of all the danger and difficulties and cultural prohibitions, Mahbod DJs with passion in underground parties in the hopes of giving even the slightest spark to the outlawed music and dance in Iran. The Path to his dream begins in Turkey where Djing is legal, but the conditions in Turkey are not as safe as they once were.…

Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi
Photography: Mahbod-Mahsa-Ehsan-Pedram-Reza-Khashayar-Sarvnaz
Editor: Farahnaz Sharifi
Sound Recording and Sound Design: Ensieh Maleki
Producer: Sarvnaz Alambeigi

World Premiere

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