Nikola Spasić, Srbija, Hrvatska, 2017, 62’

Nikola Spasić, Serbia, Croatia, 2017, 62’

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Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda / 11.05.2017. u 21:00
Q&A Nikola Spasić / Marko Grba

Centar za kulturu Vlada Divljan / 13.05.2017. u 19:00
Belgrade Youth Center / 11.05.2017 / 21:00
Q&A Nikola Spasić / Marko Grba

Cultural Centre Vlada Divljan / 13.05.2017 / 19:00

A self-taught Roma musician from a small village Beška in the Srem region, Dragan Petrovič, formed an orchestra with his three under-aged sons not only to earn his living, but above all to keep his family together. On the path to his dreams, this unusual ensemble will have to overcome numerous obstacles the life has imposed on them, while the eldest son, Radovan has the most difficult task ahead of him – to leave the village, enrol in school in a big city and transfer his knowledge to his younger brothers, so that all three of them can grow into accomplished musicians.

Directed by: Nikola Spasić
Cinematographers: Mirko Todorović , Daniel Toader, Petar Strmečki
Screenplay by: Milanka Gvoić
Editor: Nikola Spasić
Sound designer: Ivica Drnić
Produced by: Milanka Gvoić, Nikola Spasić (Rezon, Novi Sad)
Co-producers: Fran Juraj Prižmić , Igor Prižmić, (Menorah Film, Zagreb)

National Premiere

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