Christine Cynn, Norveška, 2016, 88'

Christine Cynn, Norway, 2016, 88'

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(Sr) Projekcije:
Dom omladine Beograda / 14.05.2017. u 18:00
Belgrade Youth Center / 14.05.2017 / 18:00

People affected by the arms trade gather in a warehouse in Berlin. From across the globe, they have come to dramatise their personal stories for a show by theatre legends Rimini Protokoll. Director Christine Cynn juxtaposes dramatic reenactments with unscripted moments of private reflection and backstage conversation between protagonists, from heated exchanges on collateral damage to banter about diplomatic picnics at Osama Bin Laden’s compound, where he was assassinated. Each protagonist acts out their own story, filming from their own perspective with a handheld device. This creates a surreal environment where everyone is filming each other, and themselves, all the time on a set that is a cross between Call of Duty and Alice in Wonderland.

Director: Christine Cynn
Editors: Anette Ruud Andersen, NFK, Editing Consultant, Niels Pagh Andersen
DoP: Martin Hampton, Christine Cynn
3D Animation: Jegor Souchko
Producers: Kristian Mosvold

Bergamo film meeting, 2017, Bergen International Film Festival 2016, The Margaret MEAD Film Festival 2016

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