Marko Cvejić, Srbija, 2017, 80’

Marko Cvejić, Serbia, 2017, 80’

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Centar za kulturu Vlada Divljan / 10.05.2017. u 19:00
Q&A Marko Cvejić

Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda, 13.5.2017. u 21:00
Q&A Marko Cvejić / Marko Grba
Cultural Centre Vlada Divljan / 10.05.2017 / 19:00
Q&A Marko Cvejić

Cultural Centre Belgrade, 13.5.2017 21:00
Q&A Marko Cvejić / Marko Grba

The Working Class Is Off to Paradise documents the stories of the former working class, which is facing the reality of a transitional society in contemporary Serbia. The film shows the daily lives of five workers of bankrupt industrial giants, in Zrenjanin – a city that was one of the most important economic centres of Yugoslavia. This intimate drama, which was built in film aesthetics of Vojvodina’s leisurely pace, is a new look at the forgotten heroes of the working class. They are still, without good reason, hoping that the future will bring at least a glimmer of stability, respect for social values and dignity of the past time. Every day they conquer time, the system and poverty. Their stories are the stories of contemporary Serbian society, but also a portrait of the modern world.

Screenplay and Directed by: Marko Cvejić
DoP: Aleksandar Kalezić
Editor: Aleksandar Ljiljak
Producers: Marko Cvejić, Tom Gomizelj

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