Danilo Marunović, Crna Gora, 2015, 30'

Danilo Marunović, Montenegro, 2015, 30'

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Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda / 14.05.2017. u 17:00
Q&A Danilo Marunović
Belgrade Youth Center / 14.05.2017 / 17:00
Q&A Danilo Marunović

Terrorism, fever of consumerist orgy, exploitation of female sensuality for marketing purposes, the duality of human nature torn between creativity and destructiom, war and music, beauty and destruction. These are the themes of this surreal etudes of bizzare and tragic modern societies of Western civilization. This story dances throughout the artistic eye of the great European artist Dimitrije Popovic, and is followed by hisstrongest and most exciting painting cycles.

Author: Danilo Marunović
Producer: Lazar Mišurović
Executive Producer: Danilo Marunović
Director of Photography: Vladimir Vučinić
Editing: Nemanja Bečanović
Sound Designer: Bobo Stanišić

Arpa international film festival, Hollywood, LA, USA/world premiere
Balcan Florence Express, Florence Italy

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