Zrinka Matijević Veličan, Hravtska, 2003, 72’

Zrinka Matijević Veličan, Croatia, 2003, 72’

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Jugoslovenska kinoteka Uzun Mirkova / 9.05.2017. u 18:00
Yugoslav FIlm Archive Uzun Mirkova / 9.05.2017 / 18:00

Peščenica is poor industrial suburb of Zagreb. In the past, it was declared to be a separate ‘State’ in Croatia as a satirical mirror image of the contemporary Croatian politics. What is the situation today? From summer till summer, the crew was sneaking through its streets, avenues, parks and home yards following the lives of four habitants – the self declared ‘President’, a teacher in a Gypsy school, a cleaning lady in a film distribution company and a young theatre director… All in order to portray our main character – Peščenopolis floating between the mud and the sky.

Directed by: Zrinka Matijević Veličan
Cinematography: Vjeran Hrpka
Editor: Marina Andree
Producer: Nenad Puhovski

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