Irena Škorić, Hrvatska, 2016, 99'

Irena Škorić, Croatia, 2016, 99'

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(Sr) Projekcije:
Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda / 9.05.2017. u 21:00
Q&A Irena Škorić, Ivo Josipović
Belgrade Cultural Centre / 9.5.2017 / 21:00
Q&A Irena Škorić, Ivo Josipović

Thousands of WWII monuments were built throughout the former Yugoslavia in the 1945-1990. Many of these monuments were of a high artistic value, having been designed by some of our most prominent artists. They promoted antifascism and commemorated important events and people from World War II. They were an integral part of our education system and political life, but also a part of our arts and tourism offering and background to our family photos. Since 1990s to date, one half of them had been razed to the ground or devastated. Once proud monuments were turned into ruins and now they are a testament to our neglected and unwanted cultural and political heritage. Through images and testimonies of witnesses, experts and politicians, as well as the people who used to sell pieces of monuments as secondary material, “Unwanted Heritage” talks about the fate of works of art that had been turned into waste. But it also talks about a society that disowned its history and its valuable arts.

Director and screenwriter: Irena Škorić
Camera: Branko Cahun, Darko Krakar, Robert Krivec
Editing: Silvije Magdić
Producer: Irena Škorić
Music: Ivo Josipovic

Festivals and Awards:
Svetska premijera / World premiere: Sarajevo film festival 2016, Nagrada / Award: 1st prize for best documentary film – BaNeFF 2017 – Balkan New Film Festival, Stockholm, Sweden, ZagrebDox 2017

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