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Dvorana Kulturnog centra Beograda / 11.05.2017. u 12:00
Belgrade Cultural Centre / 11.05.2017 / 12:00

Public Debate ‘Creation Vs Destruction’

Five authors in their films analyse destruction, the one that comes with the Islamic State, extreme nationalism,development of nuclear armament… What is the meaning of documentary film in such circumstances, how to make it and what are its utmost limits?

Is the creation a possible answer?

Speakers: Bernard-Henri Levy, Remy Ourdan, Irena Škorić, Smriti Keshari, Danilo Marunović
Moderator: Nataša Govedarica

At its 10th anniversary, the Beldocs Festival has created a special category ‘Creation Vs Destruction’, where the selection of films and their themes coincide with a wish to speak in an engaged manner and actively about some of the neuralgic issues of our time: extremist movements and ideas, their destructive impact on society and system of values, terror, terrorism and fear, but also about resistance to destructive powers.

Organisation of the programme, film screenings and talks with authors were facilitated by the support of the Open Society Foundation, while the programme is being jointly run by the Beldocs Festival and the German organisation Forum ZDF, Belgrade.

The entrance to the debate is free, while simultaneous interpretation is provided.

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