Lana Šarić, Hrvatska, 2010, 58’

Lana Šarić, Croatia, 2010, 58’

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Jugoslovenska kinoteka Uzun Mirkova / 13.05.2017. u 18:00
Yugoslav FIlm Archive Uzun Mirkova / 13.05.2017 / 18:00

Is it more important to clean up your apartment or to go out on a perfect sunny and warm day? What is really important in our lives? Can optimism be learnt?. Category: Optimist is a film about coping with a potentially lethal disease – leukemia – and everything that comes after treatment. When patients get well, owing to a fortunate combination of medical science, doctors’ efforts, help from family and friends and one’s will to fight, their lives change completely. In the challenges ahead, the most important thing is to stay optimistic.

Directed by: Lana Šarić
Screenplay: Lana Šarić
Cinematography: Damir Kudin
Edited by: Ivana Rogić
Music: Lucija Parać, Hrvoje Petek
Producer: Nenad Puhovski, Factum

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