Sara Jordenö, Švedska, SAD, 2016, 96’

Sara Jordenö, Sweden, USA, 2016, 96’

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(Sr) Projekcije:
Dom omladine Beograda / 11.05.2017. u 22:00
Belgrade Youth Center / 11.05.2017 / 22:00

In New York City, LGBTQ youth-of-color gather out on the Christopher Street Pier, practicing a performance-based art form, Ballroom, which was made famous in the early 1990s by Madonna’s music video “Vogue” and the documentary “Paris Is Burning.” Twenty-five years after these cultural touchstones, a new and very different generation of LGBTQ youth have formed an artistic activist subculture, named the Kiki Scene.

Director: Sara Jordenö
Producers: Lori Cheatle, Annika Rogell
Editor: Rasmus Ohlander
Cinematographer: Naiti Gámez

Festivals and awards:
Berlin International Film Festival 2016, Best Documentary/Essay Film, Chéries-Chéris 2016, Grand Prize Chéries-Chéris, Film Independent Spirit Awards 2017, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2016, Best Documentary, Outfest 2016, Emerging Talent, Twiggy Pucci Garcon , Sundance Film Festival 2016

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