Samira Elagoz, Finska, Holandija, 2016, 65’

Samira Elagoz, Finland, Netherland, 2016, 65’

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(Sr) Projekcije:
Muzej jugoslovenske kinoteke / 12.05.2017. u 20:00
Q&A Samira Elagoz
Yugoslav Film Archive Museum / 12.05.2017 / 20:00
Q&A Samira Elagoz

For the past years Samira Elagoz has been collecting intimate encounters with strangers, committing these to film that strikes a delicate balance between fiction and reality. Through Craigslist, an internationally active internet network, Elagoz arranges one-on-one meetings with a wide variety of men in three different cities and explores how the camera influences intimacy between two strangers: The documentarian and the subject. The set up is simple – she brings a camera, and films how they get to know each other. Every encounter is real and unscripted. Instead of making a film she enters one. And shares something oddly real with them.

Director: Samira Elagoz
Camera: Samira Elagoz
Editor: Samira Elagoz
Production: Samira Elagoz

Festivals and Awards:
Official Selection IDFA 2016, In competition CPH:DOX, Dox award 2017

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