Jelena Novaković, Hrvatska, 2016, 26’

Jelena Novaković, Croatia, 2016, 26’

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Jugoslovenska kinoteka Uzun Mirkova / 12.05.2017. u 18:00
Yugoslav Film Archive Uzun Mirkova / 12.05.2017 / 18:00

For already 40 years, without a single day of rest, Ana has been coming in front of the city church to sell the religious calendars and rosaries; in sun, in snow, in rain, on Sundays and holidays. She is receiving a regular pension and she doesn’t belong to the lowest stratum of society, but she has other motives. Only five meters away, Zorka, her immediate competitor, has placed her booth. They apply the business logic of keeping customers in a simple way – by lowering the prices. Although they are in constant conflict, they can’t manage without each other. Dependence on the dynamic world of constant flow of information, gossip and colorful city characters made them firm symbols of one micro universe. Ana, Zorka and The Square are inseparable trio in a humorous social essay about belonging and friendship.

Directed by: Jelena Novaković
Cinematographer: Wolfram Huke
Editor: Hrvoslava Brkušić
Design of sound: Ivan Zelić, Denis Golenja, Filip Sertić
Music: I-TAL JAM
Producers: Oliver Sertić, Vanja Jambrović

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