BorderPass is a series of free film workshops for adolescent people with and without migration background. It is a collaboration between the Swiss Youth Film Festival (Schweizer Jugendfilmtage) & documentary film festivals in the Balkan States (Dokufest in Prizren, Kosovo, Beldocs in Belgrade, Serbia and  Pravo Ljudski Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

For the next three years of 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, an extensive cooperation with documentary film festivals in the Balkan region is planned with the goal to carry out the project «BorderPass». The perennial cooperation shall guarantee a long-lasting, resource oriented partnership that will ensure positive intellectual and emotional gain to people involved.

The goal of «BorderPass» is to connect young filmmakers from different countries and cultures. Young people, aged 15-19, from the respective countries (Switzerland, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina) will collaborate to develop documentary films based on the topic of the year. Via the medium documentary film they will learn to analyze their own environment, their homelands and the foreigners, and critically examine classic stereotypes. They will be accompanied by experts (content and technical) both from Switzerland and from the respective host country.

The first edition of the «BorderPass» is going to be in close cooperation with the Dokufest in Prizren. Other project partners are Pravo Ljudski (Bosnia and Herzegovina) & Swiss Youth Film Festival (Switzerland).

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