EDN session at Beldocs IDFF

New technologies have turned the power structure within the documentary environment around and the media influence on the audience’s thoughts, values and behavior is stronger than ever. All those who work in the field of directing, producing, distributing and showing documentaries are confronted with a societal and political shift that forces us all to reflect on the role of media (i.e. documentary) in a global mediatized society. How will professionals make a living in a media environment in which anybody can be a producer, director or a distributor? Will digital distribution platforms and new players on the market offer innovative ways to finance, produce, distribute and show documentaries or will they make life even harder? Will the traditional broadcasters survive the paradigm shift? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities ahead?

EDN is analyzing the challenges generated by the new media landscape and aims to contribute to a sustainable European documentary environment by providing facts and figures to the media policy makers who determine our future.

Audiovisual professionals from Balkan region are welcome to apply for this unique initiative at and join the session at Beldocs IDFF, on May 9th 2018.