14 Apples

Midi Z, Taiwan, Myanmar, 2018, 84’

Recently, Shin-hong suffers from insomnia and encounters so many problems in his life. His mother goes to a fortune-teller for advice. The fortune-teller asks Shin-hong to get fourteen apples. Then he should take them to a temple in the rural area in Central Myanmar and live as a monk for fourteen days, eating an apple a day.

Director & Cinematographer Midi Z
Producers Midi Z, Lin Sheng-wen Isabella, Ho Wang Shin-hong
Scriptwriters Wu Pei-chi, Midi Z, Lin Sheng-wen

Festivals Berlinale 2018.

07.05 / 20.00 / Cineplexx Usce
09.05 / 18.00 / Belgrade Youth Centre
12.05 / 20.30 / Art Cinema Kolarac