Beldocs in Progress

Beldocs in Progress (BIP) is a platform designed for representing documentary projects to the national and international movie market.


The main goal is to support production, post-production, distribution and presence of Serbian documentary genre on local and international film festivals, TV channels, online services etc. by presentation to the programming executives, editors in chief, festival directors, producers, distributors, broadcasters and potential co-producers.

Two best projects chosen by the jury will be awarded with 2,000 euro award for the best pitch thanks to the support of Film Center Serbia and award 4,000 euro worth post-production services by Living Pictures company based in Belgrade.

Beldocs in Progress 2018 projects
Rough cut screenings


Mesto čekanja / Waiting Place, director: Ivan Marković


Logline Through their relentless effort, the maintenance workers shoulder the duty of restoring the congress space to what it was imagined to be.

Synopsis The architecture of the building still communicates a past idea of the future, while the materials reveal it’s current state. The vast complex of corridors, atriums and halls now stands almost empty. Through their relentless effort, the maintenance workers shoulder the duty of restoring what the space was imagined to be. Their movements are unison, ritual but also their own. Sava centar is a congress space completed in 1978 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It hosted hundreds of international meetings, including the MMF summit as well as the conferences of the Non Aligned Movement. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, it’s capacities slowly started to be obsolete. It is now awaiting a privatization and commercial reconstruction.

Director’s biography Born in 1989 in Belgrade. Graduated cinematography at the Faculty of dramatic arts in 2012. Won “Erste Foundation” award for Best visual artist in 2014 for his photography work. Took part of “Berlinale talents” in 2015. Worked on numerous shorts and several features, many of which bridge documentary and fiction film. The short film “White Bird”, he shot and co-directed with Linfeng Wu, had it’s premiere on Berlinale Shorts 2016.

Director Ivan Marković
Producer Jelena Radenković
Expected duration 50’
Shooting format 16:9
Expected delivery Before the end of 2018
Amount of the budget 12,950 €
Production country Serbia
Production company Big time production
Contact persons Jelena Radenković, producer; Ivan Marković, director

SPELEONAUT / Under the Stone-Made Sky, director: Sonja Đekić


Logline The story of 11,111 hours in a cave, the mystical world of muted sensations, and the astonishing character somewhere in between a caveman and an astronaut.

Synopsis On the eve of man’s conquest of the Moon in the summer of 1969, previously unknown 34-years-old Milutin Veljković set off to live 15 months in a two kilometers long cave in the southeast Serbia, in a company of a dozen of hens and ducks, and a puppy. This extraordinary deed is first revealed through a series of portraits of interesting characters, all connected to Veljković in some way. We gradually reach the remote area of the Samar cave, and enter the underground world. The various narrated fragments from Veljković’s detailed cave diary are brought to life: from his daily routines such as making the coffee and collecting the insects – to the dramatic events such as pooling out his own tooth, craving for woman, fighting with the flood and hallucinations…
The Veljković’s record of 463 days in cave dwelling endurance is still undefeated.

Director’s biography Sonja (Blagojević) Đekić, born in 1980. in Belgrade, where she graduated film and TV directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts. For more than a decade passionately working on her documentary projects and is also engaged in two documentary film festivals – Magnificent 7 in Belgrade and Grafest in Gračanica. Her previous documentaries Joe Goes to Serbia and KOSMA were shown on numerous festivals all around the globe and won many awards.

Director, screenwriter Sonja Đekić
Producers Sonja Đekić, Svetlana Popović, Zoran Popović
Expected duration 63’
Shooting format HD
The Premiere Fall 2018
Language Serbian with English subtitles
Amount of the budget 58,995 €
Financing in place 51,000 €
Production country Serbia
Production company CVC KVADRAT
Contact person Sonja Đekić, director&producer

Taurunum Boy, directors: Jelena Maksimović, Dušan Grubin


Logline Life is tough when you’re 15 in Zemun, so get tougher.

Synopsis Taurunum boys seem tough. They spend their time hanging around abandoned places, throwing parties and riding bikes. Their dreams are simple and their loves are unrequited. This summer brings them into adulthood.

Director’s biography Jelena Maksimović edited films that have been screened at major festivals and directed several shorts. She teaches at The Faculty of Media and Communications and works as a programmer at The Free Zone FF.
Dušan Grubin graduated from FDU. As a DOP he worked on films that have participated at many important festivals. Currently he is the DOP on many feature films in the region. He directed several music videos. Taurunum Boy is his debut film.

Directors Jelena Maksimović, Dušan Grubin
Producer Jelena Angelovski
Expected duration 70’
Shooting format 2K
Expected delivery DCP, Blu Ray, DVD
Language Serbian
Amount of the budget 107,632.40 €
Financing in place 63,200.00 €
Production country Serbia
Production company Edukativno-naučna filmska mreža
Partners attached Film Centre Serbia, Visions Sud Est
Contact person Jelena Angelovski, producer

Beldocs in Progress 2018 projects
Work in Progress presentations with 10-15 min. of scenes from the films


A olhar para ontem / A Look of Yesterday, director: Nevena Desivojević


Logline In a village among mountains and waterfalls, green fields and deep woods, a man steals goods from his town fellows. Due to no proves, he is still on the freedom.

Synopsis In a small village a local thief is stealing goods from his neighbors. Eggs, hens, a hoe, porcelain plates, and a gas can, has disappeared so far. All the villagers know who is the thief, but due to no proofs, he continues being on freedom. Also nobody dears to report him, everyone prefers to avoid the case. Everyone except one woman who surrender to the mission to convince the others to catch the thief. But it is not an easy thing to do, it is difficult to change the way it has always been: you shouldn’t accuse your brother, you shouldn’t talk bad about your relatives, you shouldn’t show the fragility and after all, you mustn’t speak aloud about the problems of this village! An unexpected arrival of a stranger to the village, rises a tension about this event and now it is not possible to remain as if nothing has happened.

Director’s biography Born in Yugoslavia (1990) where she received bachelor degree in Management and production at Faculty of Drama Arts (2009-2013). Focusing on film directing, she finished a film school at Center for Visual Communications in Belgrade (2013-2014). Graduated student at master course Doc Nomads ( 2014-2016). Holder of Da Vinci’s scholarship for five month internship in production house Terratreme filmes. Works at freelance as director and producer.

Director Nevena Desivojević
Producers Ivan Milosavljević, Nevena Desivojević
Expected duration 40’
Shooting format HD
Expected delivery September 2018
Language Portuguese
Amount of the budget 39,732 €
Financing in place 31,536 €
Production country Serbia
Production company Black Rooster Studio
Partners attached Terratreme Filmes (Portugal) – Tiago Hespanha
Contact persons Nevena Desivojević, director, producer; Ivan Milosavljević, producer

Život u 6 rundi / A Life In 6 Rounds, director: Dusan Sekulović


Logline After a lifetime of professional boxing, robbing banks and conversing with drunken fools, a New York barman goes on a journey to reclaim his father’s mansion in Serbia.

Synopsis For more than a decade Bob Bozic, a New York barman of Serbian origin, has been fighting to repossess a 22-room mansion in Serbia, that was taken away from his father by communists in 1946. As the obstacles, disappointments and intrigues of Serbian politics and bureaucracy mount, Bob retells his “past lives”.  A 67-year-old devoted father recalls his life as a troubled teenager; a rounder and bookie; an ex-heavyweight boxing champion of Canada fighting Larry Holmes at the Madison Square Garden; a smuggler in Afghanistan; a bank robber; a man who married Barack Obama’s ex girlfriend; and the cynical barman whose unusual personality was featured by the “New York Times”.
All this fascinating experiences are deeply connected with his final and most personal fight – a fight for his home that he was deprived of at the very beginning of his life.

Director’s biography Dušan Sekulović is a Serbian-German writer and director, born in 1971. Lives in New York, where in addition to directing, successfully works as editor and director of photography. His first feature film made in 2008 is a low-budget romantic comedy “Pussyfoot”, which premiered at the Fort Lauderdale Festival. He produced, directed, edited and shot more than 100 short documentaries for news organizations such as Vice, Vocative, Dow Jones, and MSNBC.

Director Dušan Sekulović
Producers Jelena Stanković, Stefan Arsenijević
Expected durations 90 / 52’
Shooting format HD
Expected delivery End of 2018.
Languages English, Serbian
Amount of the budget 195,030.00 €
Financing in place 90,000.00 €
Production country Serbia
Production company Kolektiv Pictures
Partners attached Megacom Film
Contact person Stefan Arsenijević, producer

Telenovela: Gris y Multicolor / Telenovela: Grey-Scale In Color, director: Filip Martinović


Logline Filip is traveling between Serbia and Catalonia, looking for his identity. During which we will see a casting call in Serbia for a Latino TV soap opera, that will show the special connection between these two cultures.

Synopsis During a visit to the grave of his ancestors in Kordun, Croatia, Filip (29) and his aunt (67), who is an orthodox nun, talk about bringing back the ashes of his father from Barcelona to Belgrade. Over the summer, Filip spends his days working in the patisserie of his mother in Barcelona, he goes to visit his fathers grave and meets Asha, an Ethiopian girl, with whom he develops a romantic relationship. Meanwhile we will follow the process of a casting for a Latino TV soap opera taking place in Belgrade, with Serbian common folk. The juxtaposition of these two stories will result in the connecting of the dots, that will ultimately help Filip get at least some answers to his many questions.

Director’s Bio Filip Martinović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1988. He was raised in Barcelona, where he studied Graphing Design. In 2009 he moved back to Belgrade and completed his Master Studies in Film Directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. He directed the TV series Put u Budućnost about modern history of art in Yugoslavia. Now, he is preparing his first feature lenght documentary film. “Te voy a hacer gritar” (2016.) 17 min. Spanish;

Director Filip Martinovic
Producer Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade; Nikola Savićević
Expected duration 45’
Shooting format 4K
Expected delivery Summer of 2019.
Languages Serbian, Catalan, Spanish, English
Amount of the budget 10,440.00 €
Financing in place 7,863 €
Production countries Spain, Serbia, Croatia
Contact person Nikola Savićević, producer

Muzej revolucije / Museum of the Revolution, director: Srđan Keča


Logline Inside the remains of an abandoned utopian project, an unlikely and wondrous friendship grows between an old lady and a little girl. As the city erases the spaces they inhabit, their separation looms.

Synopsis Half a century ago, a Yugoslav architect proposed a bold vision for a museum “to safeguard the truth about us”. Hidden next to one of the busiest parts of Belgrade, a vast labyrinthine basement is all that remains of the abandoned utopian project. Living in this dark underground space, an old lady and a little girl develop an enchanting friendship. As all traces of the Museum of the Revolution of the People of Yugoslavia are erased to make way for a new development, so innocent games and stories by the fire fade away from the little girl’s life. Museum of the Revolution is the debut directing feature of Srđan Keča, known for his mediumlength A Letter to Dad (IDFA 2011, Best Balkan Documentary at Dokufest), Mirage (Between the Seas Award at Jihlava 2012), as well as for Flotel Europa (Berlinale 2015) which he produced and edited.

Director’s Biography Srđan Keča’s work has centered around sites of memory, often in relation to conflict and displacement. His films have screened at leading documentary festivals including IDFA, DOK Leipzig, and Full Frame, and his video installations have been exhibited at venues such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Whitechapel Gallery. He studied at Ateliers Varan and the NFTS, and now teaches documentary film at Stanford University.

Director and writer Srđan Keča
Producers Srđan Keča, Vanja Jambrović
Expected duration 80’
Shooting format HD (1080p), 16:9
Languages Serbian, Croatian, Roma
Estimated budget 196,620.50 €
Financing in place 91,330.00 €
Year of completion 2019
Production company UZROK Film Production
Partner Restart, Croatia
Production countries Serbia, Croatia
Contact person Srđan Keča, producer and director